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                                                                                        Grade 10A Hair

Same as 9A but much better and purer hair is used. We use pure Indian raw hair to make our Grade 10A and gently process it for softness.  This hair is the easiest hair to bleach and can reach perfect blond in no time. If you plan on bleaching your hair at home, this one is the easiest to do so. All textures doable.  This hair represents the best of both worlds: pure Indian raw hair with the Chinese soften process. 

This hair requires low to medium maintenance. Top seller for 2020 (lowest complaints and best feedback)

*This hair is usually sold as Brazilian , Peruvian, Malaysian, Mink hair  It is known as "Virgin hair". Some people also choose to sell it as Raw hair as it is truly high quality (raw Cambodian or raw Burmese for the curls)

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